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“Property shouldn’t be just about bricks and mortar…it could be sexy if we allow it to” - Gunaprasath Bupalan.

Gunaprasath Bupalan, the Executive Director/ Executive Editor of Emjay Communications and Terra Value Sdn Bhd is no stranger to journalism and the Malaysian property market.

Starting off his career as a junior journalist for a fitness magazine some 17 years back, he moved on to greater heights with several renowned lifestyle and business publications such as FHM, Islamic Finance Asia, The Address, Expatriate H&R and many others before moving away from the alternative media to main stream – New Straits Times as the Features Editor for the ‘then’ Property Times Friday pull-outs.

It was here where he marked his brick with mortar and realised that the property market was indeed his calling. From being the Features Editor for the publication, he has now taken over the company as Executive Director and has successfully made Property Times an independent monthly property ‘news-zine’, covering new development launches, reviews and market movements.

He is also the publishers of the midweek property sections for Malay Mail and The Malaysian Reserve called Real Spaces with Malay Mail and Real Reserve in The Malaysian Reserve. These dedicated property section covers news of the industry, investment analysis and the industry movers and shakers.

Aside from publications, Gunaprasath Bupalan is also the organizer of The Malaysian Property Press Awards, which to date (2018), marks its 9th year since inception. These awards are evaluated by a group of editors who are involved in the daily preparation of property articles, which provides us with the depth and breadth to observe and comment on projects, personalities or companies that we feel have excelled or contributed significantly to the betterment of the industry over the year.

For the past several years, Gunaprasath has also become a property radio personality as he hosts a property show called Property On TRAXX, every Friday morning at 8.15am on 90.3 FM national radio. He is also a regularly invited guest speaker at events such as MAPEX, ASLI, DEVELOPER SALES EVENTS, LAUNCHES and many more.

He has also been invited as a guest columnist for The Malaysian Global Business Forum as well as Rojak Daily.com.